Cold伴奏–Rich Brian

Cold 冷漠 Rich Brian 布莱恩·伊曼纽
Written by:Rich Brian
Saw a car crash it reminded me of our first date
Then I went back got massages at that one place
Always brought friends but today I feel doing this sh t alone
Calling my dad when I wanna hear some wisdom
Calling my cab alcohol up in my system
Saw a fist fight and that sh t don apos t even make me scared no more
Man I never been the one to be alone
All my friends are always hitting up my phone
Every day is spent with everybody never on my own
But today I apos m by myself and I don apos t even feel alone
Like to smoke cigs every time I feel the outside
Like to play chicks but get mad when they get new guys
You don apos t get me but I don apos t blame you I don apos t get myself
Pressing on keys got my life so sweet man
Gofundme on your b ches pinned tweet man
Bumping oldies as I try to d k her down
She said give it to me now and I can apos t help but listen she go
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohh
Slippery sign all over my door
Show some attitude and b ch I won apos t show
Expectation high I feel like a drone

I got some new goals
Not checking my statement till I got
Rushing all year like I commit roadkill
Killing everybody like I apos m in a wrong deal
Do triple checks on every move I make
Work till I apos m tired then sip on some latte
Only do sh t if we do it my way
Everything goon depend on what I say
Hold up wait a second man my flow on lethal weapon
Hit apos em with the rhymin apos pattern put these rappers under pressure
This feel like Armageddon if she witcha I apos mma get her
Cut you off like Jerry Heller she goon need another fella
I don apos t take drugs I just take naps
Find another girl to eat up like I hate snacks
Dick goon make her choke like reflux gotta relax
Man you sh t is boring and it apos s making me go sleep fast
And I always
Care about everybody but myself that apos s the life of a Virgo
Never getting mad that apos s not the Brian that we know
I just weighed my heart its about

I just f ked a lady and she about

years old
Rapping on this instrumentals feeling like a hero
Never using triplet flows because I apos m not a Migo
Only lasting longer cuz I apos m drunk I don apos t think she knows
Only thing that matters that my d k is like my ego
They wishing I apos mma fail real name no gimmicks ain apos t no fun and games
Still mothaf kas always got a lot to say
Never got loved so they spreading all this hate uh oh
Man they always acting real tough
But I show up for a show and they just wanna leave town
People saying that my words are colder than the winter
It apos s Brian not Brita so I apos ll never have a filter